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We are football coach and player development specialists and consultants with over 70 years of experience within the football Industry at all levels of the game. From grassroots to international football we have also worked with national governing bodies and professional clubs.

Our successes have included developing coaches and players for both the males and female game at the highest levels

Company Director

Chris Freestone

Company Director

Steve Pritchard

Chris is a former Professional football player that made over 250 league appearances within the Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2. He has coached at a variety of levels including an England team that finished 3rd in the European Cup.

Steve is an experienced coach developer and educator, brings over 30 years of expertise in fostering positive learning environments. Formerly with the FA, he champions inclusive coaching and emphasises self-directed learning. Holding a Cert Ed in teaching, Steve recognises that learners must be at the center of the process, emphasising the importance of self-development and self-directed learning in coach development.

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