What Do We Offer?

Diamond Coaching Solutions excels with affordable, holistic grassroots football coaching, personalised attention, community integration, and a positive impact.


Deliver high quality workshops that are designed and developed based on the needs of the coaches. These are to support and enhance the theoretical skills of the coach.

Coach Development

Individual and small group work. To empower and develop coaches practically of all abilities and levels with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively train and develop players.

Team Coaching

Deliver high-quality football coaching to players of all ages and skill levels. This includes focusing on technical skills, tactical awareness, physical conditioning, and teamwork.

Player Development

To foster the holistic development of players by focusing not only on technical and tactical, skills but also on mental and physical aspects.

Accessibility and Affordability

To make football coaching and coach development accessible and affordable to individuals and communities with limited resources.


What makes us unique

Diamond Coaching Solutions Ltd are ‘Footballing People who just Talk Football.’
“We offer professional coach and player development and education with a focus on affordability, empowering both coaches and players in local communities.”

Our Beliefs

Diamond Coaching Solutions exists to ignite the belief within every young or older coach and player. We empower through accessible, high-quality football coaching and education. Your dreams matter to us; we’re here to transform them into reality, fostering a thriving football community together.

Our Culture

Our People: Passionate football enthusiasts and educators who prioritise inclusivity, learning, and community engagement.

Our Behavior: Fostering a supportive environment, we nurture players’ growth, empower coaches with knowledge, and cultivate a sense of unity, making football accessible and enjoyable for all.

Our Tribe

Football coaches and players form our tribe. They see themselves as passionate contributors to the local football community, fostering growth, teamwork, and skill development. They seek affordable coaching solutions to empower themselves and nurture young talent in their neighborhoods.

Our Voice

“Diamond Coaching Solutions speaks with a passionate and inclusive voice, uniting coaches, players, and communities. Our language is the language of the game, fostering connection, growth, and teamwork. We’re your dedicated partner in nurturing potential and fostering a shared love for football.”

Our Feelings

“Be Empowered: Choose Diamond Coaching Solutions for football coaching that inspires confidence, nurtures growth, and fosters a sense of belonging. Elevate your skills, relationships, and passion for the game with us.”

We would love to hear from you!

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